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      Digital Multimeter
      Firmware & Software
    M3500A/M3510A/M3511A    (USBTMC)
Name Ver. Date Size Save
Firmware (for M3500A -- VISA Required) V3.33 2017/07/06 295 KB Save to disk
Firmware (for M3510A -- VISA Required) V3.02 2017/12/26 559 KB Save to disk
Firmware (for M3511A -- VISA Required) V3.02 2017/12/26 558 KB Save to disk
Application (for M3500A / M3510A / M3511A) V2.01 2017/06/23 1.20 MB Save to disk
Scanner Card-TOOL V2.30 2017/06/23 4.7 MB Save to disk
IVI driver for M3520A for 32-bit Windows V1.10 2017/06/19 3.75 MB Save to disk
IVI driver for M3520A for 64-bit Windows V1.10 2017/06/19 4.06MB Save to disk
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