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2014/09/15 Mixed Mode DC Power Supplies Announced - P9610A (108W/36V/7A) & P9611A (150W/60V/6A)
2014/01/08 G5110A – 15MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator.
2013/02/05 We Picotest will temporarily close our sales window, and stop our service from February 8th afternoon to 17th because of the Chinese New Year's break.
2012/09/12 New option M3500-OPT12 10 Channel Thermocouple & RTD scanner card
2010/11/15 PICOTEST Signal Injectors, Greatly Improving Regulator and Power Supply Testing Accuracy...
2009/10/01 New Product announcement: M3510A/M3511A 6.5 Digital Multimeter
2009/07/14 U6200A Labview driver has been certified by NI...
2009/06/19 New option 20 Channel Scanner card for M3500A 6.5 Digital Multimeter
2009/05/13 New Product : U6220A Single Channel 400MHz Frequency Counter released...
2009/04/24 PICOTEST announced new IVI driver for G5100A
2009/04/20 Picotest G5100A is a LXI conformant instrument.
2009/04/17 New option 20GHz Input Channel for U6200A Universal Counter
2009/01/16 LXI member company-PICOTEST corp.
2009/01/16 EN 61326-1:2006 and EN 61326-2-1:2006 compliant
2009/01/16 New U6200A Brochures!!
2008/12/05 New U6200A Universal Counter .Special price offering!! Please contact with local distributor or PICOTEST for the Detail information.......
2008/08/18 M3500A LabVIEW has been certified by NI......
2008/02/01 PICOTEST is ISO 9001: 2000 certified......




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