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    J2113A Semi-Floating Differential Amplifier - Ground Loop Breaker

icon Eliminates DC ground loop down to 1Hz
icon Works up to 800MHz (-3dB)
icon Supports the 2 Port Shunt Thru impedance measurement required for Power Distribution Networks (PDNs)
icon Works with all types of test equipment to eliminate ground loops, such as Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers
icon Popular for oscilloscopes - isolate probe grounds - J2113A is optimized for pulse response
icon Perfect for component measurements
icon Excellent CMMR performance
  What's included
J2113A Semi-Floating Differential Amplifier - Ground Loop Breaker
J2170B High PSRR Power Adapter
1 Year Warranty
  Product Information

The J2113A is a solid-state Semi-Floating Amplifier (SFA), or ground loop isolator, that provides the BEST isolation for low impedance measurements. The J2113A removes the groups loops associated with VNAs and Oscilloscopes which occur in many different types of test setups. The ground loops are often subtle or hidden and can impact the measurement results dramatically if not accounted for. The J2113As frequency response, as shown below, is flat from DC to over 800MHz, all while maintaining 50Ohm impedance at both the input and the output for accurate, low-noise measurements. It allows measurement both lower and higher in frequency than achievable with a Common Mode Transformer. The J2113A supports power distribution network (PDN) measurement, component measurement, PSRR testing and many other applications.

  Detailed Specifications:
Performance at -10dBm input level
Characteristic Rating
Recommended Bandwidth DC-800 MHz (-3dB), DC-700MHz (-1dB)
Maximum Voltage 1.9V
CMRR > 57dB
Temperature Range 0-50C
Maximum Altitude 6000ft
Absolute Maximum Voltage is +/- 2V


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