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icon Advanced Function: Autoranging
icon Cooling System Evolution: Advanced Fan
icon Fast Recovery: Load Transient Response Time
icon Protection Evolution I: Short-Withstood Circuit
icon Protection Evolution II: OVP/OCP/OTP
icon Elegant Design: Knob
icon Pure Source: Low Noise Output
icon Programmable Output: SEQ Function
icon Other Features: Fast Settling & Compact Size
icon Specifications
icon P9610A/P9611A’s Comparison Sheet
  Advanced Function: Autoranging
The P9611A features the autoranging capability, while other power supplies require the user to switch ranges to maximize output power.
The P9611A provides the extended operation areas (see below). This means that you have access to 100% power all the time at any voltage or current within the maximum limits. This also means that the P9611A can meet more of your needs, minimizing the number and cost of power supplies you need to purchase.
  Cooling System Evolution: Advanced Fan

The P9611A provides an efficient internal cooling system. The advanced technology fan minimizes distracting and annoying acoustic noise. You won't even notice the fan. Experience the evolution of the cooling system.

  Fast Recovery: Load Transient Response Time

The P9611A recovers fast from large load current changes. The following oscilloscope images show the power supply response to 6 A to 3 A load change. It recovers to 15 mV in 19.2 µs. The P9611A also has a smaller excursion and is more stable. Note the recovery undershoot in green in the competitor's power supply below. This does not exist in the P9611A. It is more precise.

On the contrary, a well-known competitor's model under the same test conditions shows 25.6 µs.

  Protection Evolution I: Short-Withstood Circuit
The P9611A can withstand continuous short circuits or repetitive short circuits up to 13 times per second. This is much more robust than many competing power supplies. The P9611A incorporates a unique design which can protect itself instantaneously from abnormal and unpredictable events.
  Protection Evolution II: OVP/OCP/OTP

Overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and over temperature protection (OTP) are exclusively designed to protect both the P9611A and your DUT (Device under Test)

  Elegant Design: Knob

Knob: The P9611A provides a precise and durable adjustment knob. This optical knob has a numerical capability. Rotating it with the right or left direction button, you can move the cursor among the digits and numbers on the display. The optical control will not degrade like the potentiometers used in competing products.

  Pure Source: Low Noise Output

The P9611A can generate pure source with the low noise around 1.64mV p-p in the bandwidth from 20Hz to 20MHz.

The well-known competitor's model under the same test conditions shows 1.98mV peak to peak.

  Programmable Output: SEQ Function

Many digital circuits require power supplies to turn on & off in a particular order. The P9611A supports the output voltage sequencing mode. This mode allows you to control the timing to output different voltages and currents.

   Other Features: Fast Settling & Compact Size

● Compact Size: The P9611A's weight is less than 5.5 Lbs. The shipping carton for one P9611A is 10.25"(W)*5.5"(H)*13.5"(D). The dimensional weight for marine shipment is about 5.5 Lbs, and for air shipment is about 6.6 Lbs. The low weight of the P9611A is less expensive to ship, saving you money.

● Hidden Barrier-Free Carrying Handle: The P9611A's handle is designed to meet your demand for different situations. The handle conveniently stores out of the way allowing equipment to be safely stacked. For more information about the P9611A, refer to the user's manual or contact your agency.

● Settling Time: The advanced driver circuit of the P9611A is very fast (<50ms) allowing you to improve your production throughput.


   P9610A/P9611A’s Comparison Sheet

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